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Hog Roast in New Forest, Southampton and Surrounding Areas

If you’re planning a catering event in the New Forest, Southampton or wider Hampshire area, we highly recommend choosing a hog roast to suit your dining needs. Whether you’re holding a wedding reception or a corporate away day, a traditional hog roast with all the trimmings can be tailored and fully-managed to meet your requirements.

Benefits of a Hog Roast


A hog roast has become a popular outdoor dining experience, together with barbecue catering options during the summer months. The simple and succulent foodstuff is placed into an oven-like machine on top of the tray, which is then cooked in front of you. This provides a rustic focus for New Forest, Southampton and Hampshire guests who can watch their food being tenderly cooked on a small flame.


Due to how a hog roast is prepared, food can be readily available to suit your schedule and will be just as tasty and even tender the longer you wait. Depending on the number of people at your party, guests can come back for more helpings to satisfy their appetites. This is perfect to keep everyone happy at small to larger sized events taking place in Southampton, New Forest and the wider Hampshire area.


We recommend one of the most traditional serving suggestions to enjoy your hearty hog roast, which is to place the tender sliced pork inside a fresh, fluffy bread roll, accompanied by a generous helping of sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce.

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Our Bespoke Catering Service


Our chefs have more than 30 years of experience in the food preparation industry. We take pride in being extremely friendly and efficient with the catering services we provide. Clients in Southampton, New Forest and Hampshire can rely on our team to manage the catering at their event, including ordering supplies, setting up hire equipment and tidying up the crumbs left behind.


• Hog roast machines will be delivered to your venue in the New Forest, Southampton and Hampshire area

• Meat will be supplied, ranging from pork to beef, lamb and turkey crowns for alternative spit roasting options

• Sauces, marinades, bread rolls and condiments will be included in select packages

• Additional vegetarian and allergy-free options are available to cater to everyone

• Fully-qualified chefs will cook, prepare, carve and serve your guests throughout the event

• Catering equipment is available, including crockery, cutlery, napkins, glassware, furniture and marquees

• Hygiene and cleanliness will be strictly adhered to by our team of chefs and trained waiting staff

For more information about a hog roast or mixed spit roasts for catering events in New Forest, Southampton and the nearby Hampshire area, call 02380 814 644 or 07765 225 889.

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