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Hog Roast and Barbeque Catering in Southampton, the New Forest and Hampshire

If you’re planning an event in Southampton, the New Forest or the wider Hampshire area, we recommend choosing a hog roast or our barbeque catering service to fulfil your dining needs. Whether you’re holding a wedding reception, a party or a corporate event, we can tailor a barbeque or a traditional hog roast – with the trimmings – to meet your personal requirements. These services make an ideal choice during the warmer summer months.


If you want to spend more time relaxing and enjoying your day, PP Catering and Events Ltd offer a full event management service. We even supply the tables, chairs and cutlery. Please contact us on 02380 814 644 or 07765 225 889 to find out more about event management.


Another thing to keep in mind is that we are now looking to take on more business in the nearby Salisbury and Winchester areas. If you have an upcoming event in either of these two locations, we’d be more than happy to provide a hog roast or a barbeque for it.

Hog Roast


Hog roasts and barbeques are both popular outdoor dining experiences. A hog roast can be the one single factor that draws people to an event, while barbecue catering sees simple yet succulent food items placed onto our own equipment which we cook in front of you. Both services deliver a charm rarely found at indoor events in Southampton, the New Forest or the surrounding areas because guests can see their food lovingly cooked on an open flame.


Because of the way we prepare a hog roast, PP Catering and Events Ltd can have food ready for guests at times to suit their schedules. Meat becomes tastier and tenderer the longer we cook it so, if you need us at an event early, we’ll arrive with plenty of time to spare. Based on the number of people at your event, our hog roast helpings satisfy all appetites and give guests the chance to come back for more. Hog roasts make a perfect choice for small and large-sized events in Southampton, the New Forest and Hampshire.


We recommend serving tender sliced pork from a hog roast in a fresh and fluffy bread roll, accompanied by a generous helping of sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce.


Roast Menus


  • Basic Hog Roast
  • For a minimum of 80 people with a selection of rolls and sauces
  • Lamb Roast
  • Caters for at least 50 guests. Like a hog roast but can be reserved for fewer guests
  • Hog Roast or Mixed Joint Spit Roast
  • Suitable for at least 80 people with a leg of pork, a topside of beef and a turkey crown, plus a choice of three salads from our menu and served with bread and butter
  • Deluxe Hog Roast or Mixed Spit Roast
  • Provided for a minimum of 80 guests with a mixed green salad, cherry tomatoes, coleslaw, feta olive and tomato Italian pasta salad, hot new potatoes in butter and chives, white bread rolls and brown bread rolls. The deluxe version includes sauces with the main dish, accompanied by strawberries with cream or profiteroles with chocolate sauce for dessert


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A Bespoke Outdoor Catering Service


PP Catering and Events Ltd have chefs with more than 30 years of experience in food preparation. We take immense pride in the friendly, efficient catering services we provide to clients in Southampton, the New Forest and Hampshire. You can rely on our team to manage the catering at any outdoor event, including the ordering of supplies, the setting up of hire equipment and even tidying up the crumbs you and your guests leave behind.


  • We deliver hog roast equipment to the venue in advance of the event starting
  • Pork, beef, lamb and turkey crowns offer great alternatives for spit roasting
  • Sauces, marinades, rolls and condiments come included in selected packages
  • Additional vegetarian and allergy-free options available to cater to everyone
  • Well-presented chefs cook, prepare, carve and serve the guests at your event
  • We supply crockery, cutlery, napkins, glassware, furniture and marquees
  • Our chefs and waiting staff maintain excellent hygiene and cleanliness standards

Barbecue Catering


PP Catering and Events Ltd customise barbecue catering packages for parties, weddings and corporate events. Clients in Southampton, the New Forest and the surrounding Hampshire area can choose from a variety of barbecue catering services complete with vegetarian and allergy-free options, each served in a range of plain or marinated dishes with side orders.


Bespoke Barbecue Catering


Below, we list just some of the barbeque options we can provide for you:


  • 4oz burger made from 100% beef, Wagyu, wild boar or lamb
  • 4oz steaks cut from prime beef, pork or lamb
  • Sausages in a selection of flavours
  • ½ Chicken breast or chicken thighs
  • Mixed meat kebabs with chicken, beef, pork and vegetables
  • Fish steaks including salmon and tuna, or king prawns in a sweet chilli sauce


Set Menu Options


Barbecue catering favourites with clients in Southampton and the New Forest include beef burgers, sausages and smoky BBQ chicken fillets with a mixed green salad, cherry tomatoes, coleslaw, feta olive and tomato Italian pasta salad, new potatoes topped with butter and chives, fresh white rolls and fresh brown rolls. Strawberries and cream, or profiteroles with chocolate sauce, are two of our most popular dessert options.


  • Poacher’s Mixed Grill
  • Includes a rump steak, two sausages, pork steak, chicken fillet and salmon steak
  • Chicken and Sausage Combo
  • Plain or marinated chicken breasts with flavoured butcher-style sausages
  • Chicken and Ribs Combo
  • Plain or marinated chicken with succulent BBQ pork ribs
  • Caribbean Style Combo
  • Jerk chicken breast, lamb burgers, pork and pineapple curry and a king prawn in sweet chilli sauce dish with a mixed leaf salad, a garlic, lime and coriander dressing, rice salad, fruity coleslaw and white or brown bread rolls with served with butter


PP Catering & Events Ltd reminds you that we are now expanding current services inside the Salisbury and Winchester areas. It’s important to customers that we supply them with full local and regional coverage. Our commitment to new territories is also our commitment to you, and a promise of first-class service delivery anywhere in Hampshire or the New Forest.

For information on hog roasts and barbeque catering at events in Southampton, the New Forest or Hampshire, call 02380 814 644 or 07765 225 889.