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Hog Roast in Winchester | Perfect for Events and Weddings

Are you planning a party, a special event or a wedding in Winchester? If you are, PP Catering & Events Ltd wants to hear from you. We’re the barbeque catering and wedding catering specialists for the entire Hampshire area and a firm favourite for hog roasts. Because we can also set you up with a mobile bar for alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments, everything you could ever need from a catering packages comes from a single customer-led company.


In the past, we spoken to many hosts and organisers in the Winchester area about their aspirations for a successful catering experience yet very few consider the benefits of a hog roast or a barbeque catering service. This is even more apparent when it comes to wedding catering because people instantly think that the food has to be as high-end as the event.


Our experience tells us this isn’t strictly true and, with the addition of a mobile bar, a hog roast or a barbeque can actually give a wedding a more flexible dining theme.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits we can bring to your party, wedding or event:


1. Barbeque catering is an impressive sight to begin with but a hog roast takes things to an entirely new level. Seeing a hog cooking slowly over a fire appeals to guests and captivates them, giving everybody something engaging to talk about.


2. If you want to use a hog roast as part of a wedding catering package, we arrange the specification to cater for the number of guests in attendance. PP Catering & Events Ltd can also supply a mobile bar for parties and events in the Winchester area.


3. We supply fresh bread with a hog roast, and a choice of pork, beef, lamb or turkey if you opt for a barbeque catering service. Even the apple sauce and condiments come as part of the package to leave guests talking about the food for days!


4. While your guests relax with a drink from our mobile bar, they can build an appetite for later in the day because the aroma from a hog roast is just too good to resist. Our previous customers in Winchester say everything tastes as good as it smells!


5. Hog roast and barbeque catering packages ensure freshly-cooked food for the entire duration of your event with no corners cut. This makes our service a much better option when compared to food items that require storage over several hours.


6. If you want to feed your guests a hog or barbequed food as an alternative to a more traditional sit-down meal, your wedding catering menu will have its own unique twist and a flavour all of its own – anywhere in the Winchester area.


7. Inside or outside, we can supply a hog roast or barbeque catering in the location of your choice. We can also set up a mobile bar inside a marquee or a building should you need us to, just in case the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse.


8. Because PP Catering & Events Ltd works out of Cadnam, we can reach venues in the Winchester area in the early hours of the morning to get the party, event or wedding catering started long before the first set of guests starts to arrive.


9. All catering menus, and our mobile bar, come with the option of premium crockery and glassware. Use us for wedding catering and you won’t have to worry about your guests eating from paper plates or with fingers unless you want them to.


10. After the event, we remove all waste derived from your hog roast or your barbeque catering menu immediately including unwanted foodstuffs. We also take away waste from our mobile bars to leave venues in Winchester in a clean and tidy condition.

Let us take care of your event in Winchester, or your wedding catering needs, with a hog roast and mobile bar. Contact PP Catering & Events Ltd on 02380 814 644 or 07765 225 889.